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Anna-Maria vs. Lucy FD2156 / 28:50

Submission only.

2363 days ago
Anastasia vs. Isabel FD2154 / 21:35

Submission only.

2364 days ago
Deli vs. Sabrina FD2140 / 26:43

Sabrina and Deli lock horns for the first time in a topless fight on the wet mat.

2375 days ago
Deli vs. Vera FD2128 / 24:32

Submission only.

2383 days ago
Emanuela vs. Mary-Ann FD2125 / 27:09

Submission only.

2383 days ago
Chiara vs. Emanuela FD2113 / 18:53

Submission only.

2390 days ago
Lucy vs. Sabrina FD2108 / 28:33

Another in a series for the catfight sponsor. Financial bonus from the sponsor makes this match very aggressive. In this match is everything allowed.

2396 days ago
Isabel vs. Zamira FD2107 / 19:10

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

2397 days ago
Donna vs. Vera FD2086 / 20:36

Pins to submission and submission.

2411 days ago
Donna vs. Kira FD2083 / 25:31

The match starts with Kira showing her biceps, while Donna oils her. Then Kira oils muscle posing Donna.

2411 days ago
Andy vs. Luna FD2057 / 18:05

Submission only.

2431 days ago
Emanuela vs. Zamira FD2030 / 18:56

Submission only, no bodyscissors. Balanced fight and result.

2452 days ago
Andy vs. Isabel FD2023 / 28:24

Pins to submission and submission, no bodyscissors.

2453 days ago
Alice vs. Filomen FD2021 / 23:32

Pins and submission. The rules for Alice: all holds possible. The rules for Filomen: no bodyscissors.

2459 days ago
Alice vs. Mariella FD1999 / 25:24

Pins to submission only.

2473 days ago
Beata vs. Doris FD1980 / 24:07

Submission only.

2487 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Vladka FD1974 / 24:10

A long time rivalry goes on between Kim-Ly and Vladka, as the preview interviews clearly proves.

2488 days ago
Mel vs. Vera part no. 1 FD1970 / 24:49

In the first part fighting the girls in catfight, submission only and second part in facesitpins and headscissors only.

2494 days ago
Anna-Maria vs. Lucy FD1965 / 17:58

Anna-Maria and Lucy meet again on the mat. Obviously, there is some rivalry between them.

2495 days ago
Donna vs. Mel FD1946 / 18:37

Pins to submission and submission.

2509 days ago
Eva vs. Vladka FD1935 / 21:04

Pins to submission and submission, no bodyscissors.

2516 days ago
Doris vs. Tanima FD1919 / 26:02

Another in a series for the catfight sponsor. Financial bonus from the sponsor makes this match very aggressive and brutal.

2530 days ago
Edita vs. Emanuela FD1914 / 22:44

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

2536 days ago
Doris vs. Mariella FD1859 / 22:18

Submission only, no scissors.

2572 days ago
Loredana vs. Sharon FD1854 / 25:13

Submission only.

2578 days ago
Isabel vs. Salma FD1832 / 22:28

Submission only.

2593 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Vladka FD1811 / 22:55

Mary-Ann meets some of the FD girls in the FD garden. She starts a dispute with Vlaka and challenges her for a match.

2607 days ago
Mariella vs. Vera FD1798 / 20:46

These two girls are known for their hot temper, the perfect fighting style for them is a cloth-ripping hairpulling catfight.

2614 days ago
Eli vs. Zamira FD1773 / 22:38

Submission only.

2634 days ago
Edita vs. Salma FD1740 / 23:51

Submission only. Fighting Dolls Spring Event 2016. Balanced fight and result.

2655 days ago
Eli vs. Loredana FD1737 / 19:45

Since Eli appeard at Fighting Dolls, she polarises oppinions, same fans love her, some hate her.

2656 days ago
Eva vs. Marry-Ann FD1731 / 30:19

Submission only. Fighting Dolls Spring Event 2016.

2662 days ago
Anni vs. Emanuela FD1716 / 22:16

Submission only.

2670 days ago
Justina vs. Sharon FD1672 / 21:43

No bodyscissors.

2704 days ago
Eva vs. Isabel FD1653 / 28:47

Submission only, no scissors.

2718 days ago
Eva vs. Mel FD1647 / 29:26

Submission only.

2719 days ago
Andy vs. Emanuela FD1635 / 21:49

Submission only.

2732 days ago
Eva vs. Salma FD1633 / 29:04

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

2733 days ago
Isabel vs. Kim-Ly FD1629 / 24:58

This is a topless oil catfight between Kim-Ly, one of the top 3 wrestlers and Isabel, whom I would see in the lower ranks of the top 10

2733 days ago
Andy vs. Isabel FD1609 / 20:56

Submission only.

2747 days ago
Eva vs. Isabel FD1603 / 22:03

Submission only.

2753 days ago
Mariella vs. Susie FD1523 / 28:43
2810 days ago
Emanuela vs. Laila FD1513 / 27:19

Laila struggling very hard, and sometimes ruthlessly, therefore girls do not like her. This is true even in this match.

2817 days ago
Laila vs. Loredana FD1503 / 21:26

Submission only, no bodyscissors.

2830 days ago
Edita vs. Mel FD1461 / 19:24

This carfight begins with a hard face slapping. After the first submission winner will not let the loser and continue holds her in headscissors.

2859 days ago
Loredana vs. Sharon FD1455 / 19:42

Submission only.

2865 days ago
Mary-Ann vs. Andy FD1444 / 26:50

Submission only.

2873 days ago
Emanuela vs. Salma FD1441 / 22:08

Emanuela in the last match with Salma crying and tells in the initial interview that her it is the most insidious of all FD girls.

2873 days ago
Donna vs. Mel FD1440 / 19:17

Fighting Dolls October Event 2015.

2879 days ago
Emanuela vs. Zamira FD1438 / 20:29

Fighting Dolls October Event 2015.

2880 days ago
Salma vs. Zamira FD1334 / 21:05

Submission only nude catfight, chinlock.

2956 days ago
Andy vs. Zamira FD1311 / 22:39

Pins to submission only, no scissors, chinlock.

2971 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Miranda FD1302 / 22:54

First part 10 min. pins counting to 5 and submission, second part 10 min. catfight, submission only.

2978 days ago
Crystl vs. Emanuela FD1270 / 16:50
2999 days ago
Denny vs. Mariella FD1190 / 20:54
3055 days ago
Andy vs. Kim-Ly FD1177 / 21:27

Balanced fight and result.

3069 days ago
Emanuela vs. Peggy FD1165 / 19:52

Both girls before the match say they are not afraid of rivals, they say that will fight with pulling hair. Peggy and Emanuela have never fought together.

3076 days ago
Edita vs. Zamira FD1124 / 24:32

Edita and Zamira has never struggled together. Edita, although she is already 40 years old, does not want to ever lose.

3111 days ago
Andy vs. Monique FD1100 / 23:45

Andy hears a conversation between Monique and Isabel. Both girls say about her that she is in the match insidious. Andy and Monique will say face-to-face, that they will fight.

3125 days ago
Isabel vs. Linda FD1090 / 21:21
3131 days ago
Andy vs. Emanuela FD1080 / 22:41

Both girls each other had never wrestled. Vladka, which makes interviews indicates that favorite Andy. Andy reaches the first point after 7 minutes on bodyscissor.

3139 days ago
Chiara vs. Mel FD1071 / 26:18
3145 days ago
Maggy vs. Romi FD1052 / 23:49
3160 days ago
Mariella vs. Eva FD1013 / 18:53

Fight starts with measuring the breast and followed breast match, which goes in aggressive catfight. Girls tearing their clothes and slapping each other.

3195 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Vladka FD0969 / 20:17

During the interview, Kim-Ly believe that Vlaďka defeats in catfight. Kim-Ly choking Vlaďka using breastsmother and gives her strong headscissor. Vladka reciprocate to her and adds reverse schoolgirl pin.

3229 days ago
Crystl vs. Donna FD0932 / 21:19
3265 days ago
Emma vs. Sharon FD0931 / 20:14

Emma and Sharon together has never struggled. From the beginning, it is clear that between them will be a great rivalry and it'll be a hard fight. First submition does Sharon on bodyscissors.

3265 days ago
Eva vs. Edita FD0917 / 14:54

The round robin between the top 3 FD girls is absolutely perfect example of catfight. You will see how hard a balanced this catfight is. All 3 catfights are 100% real and technically perfect, all three are with slapping.

3279 days ago
Eva vs. Kim-Ly FD0915 / 18:40

The round robin between the top 3 FD girls is absolutely perfect example of catfight. The first fight between Eva and Kim-Ly which hates. Eva against Kim-Ly don't win and wanted to avenge Kim-Ly.

3279 days ago
Edita vs. Chrissie FD0899 / 22:24
3299 days ago
Donna vs. Eva FD0885 / 21:00
3313 days ago
Chrissie vs. Edita FD0843 / 22:44
3356 days ago
Mariella vs. Sharon FD0839 / 19:39
3362 days ago
Salma vs. Chiara FD0833 / 24:50
3363 days ago
Crystl vs. Stela FD0824 / 22:21
3376 days ago
Chrissie vs. Vladka FD0794 / 20:33

Vladka Chrissie, they really do not like. I do not know what happened between girls, but Vladka asked me if she can do against Chrissie catfight.

3405 days ago
Anni vs. Denny FD0774 / 19:04
3432 days ago
Justina vs. Emma FD0756 / 22:58

Catfight in studio - nude - with lots of breastsmother-pins. Dark-haired busty Emma and blonde Justina are both 2013-newcomers in the fighting-dolls-team. Especially Emma improved a lot in tle last months.

3453 days ago
Emma vs. Pamela FD0724 / 17:12
3489 days ago
Andy vs. Eva FD0669 / 20:18

Fighting dolls October Event 2013

3552 days ago
Monique vs. Pamela FD0646 / 16:31

This movie continues on

3580 days ago
Donna vs. Mariella FD0613 / 17:00
3615 days ago
Susie vs. Crystl FD0602 / 24:36
3629 days ago
Ramona vs. Zamira FD0595 / 23:15
3636 days ago
Pia vs. Peggy FD0523 / 19:32
3720 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Luna FD0492 / 21:30
3748 days ago
Anni vs. Verona FD0446 / 23:21
3796 days ago
Luna vs. Claire FD0396 / 21:15
3846 days ago
Eva vs. Zamira FD0375 / 16:10

This movie continues on

3867 days ago
Monique vs. Pamela FD0346 / 20:39

Fighting dolls October Event 2012

3895 days ago
Monique vs. Luna FD0325 / 17:07

This movie continues on

3916 days ago
Sara vs. Mel FD0315 / 23:03
3924 days ago
Claire vs. Eva FD0307 / 20:11
3930 days ago
Andy vs. Anni FD0276 / 25:29
3958 days ago
Mario vs. Pamela FD0248 / 19:59
3986 days ago
Luna vs. Andre FD0233 / 21:19
4000 days ago
Tomas vs. Mel FD0199 / 22:23
4035 days ago
Tessa vs. Zamira FD0197 / 20:06
4042 days ago
Pietro vs. Tiffany FD0192 / 19:31
4042 days ago
Andre vs. Claire FD0188 / 19:31
4049 days ago
Mel vs. Andre FD0170 / 20:45
4070 days ago
Andre vs. Vladka FD0156 / 19:48
4084 days ago
Tomas vs. Mary-Ann FD0127 / 20:00
4118 days ago
Anni vs. Jenny FD0110 / 18:22

Jenny's first catfight.

4133 days ago
Anni vs. Donna FD0101 / 19:55

Donna's first catfight.

4147 days ago
David vs. Mary-Ann FD0097 / 22:05
4147 days ago
David vs. Monique FD0059 / 21:13
4180 days ago
Elisa vs. Tessa FD0037 / 26:43
4201 days ago
Nina vs. Mel FD0016 / 19:30

This is a very ambitious and absolutely even nude-garden-wrestling-match - both girls are really aggressively and both want to be the winner...

4219 days ago