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Malia | 19

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless

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Vanda | 32

Height: 5'7" (171 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Mixed

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Rating: 5/5 (10 votes)

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Movie Description

Submission only. Balanced fight and result.

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Malia vs. Vanda
Malia vs. Vanda
Malia vs. Vanda
Malia vs. Vanda
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2023-03-01 18:20:38
Great catfight from start to finish. Both ladies fight hard and intense, bad tempers and emotions fly early, . pulling hairs, launching slaps, screaming, groaning in pain, trash talking, fighting everywhere in the room, rugs, carpet, couches. The Fight is even, both girls give and take in the same way, trying to get a dominant position to make the opponent submit, but tables are turned soon, and the former dominant woman is now being dominated. Such scene is repeated to the infinity and beyond in a delicious loop that makes you continuously and desperately wonder who will get the victory here. Bloody nose at the end. BTS.

2023-02-26 13:24:30
LOTHARS Review: Definition of a hairpulling CATBALL? Malia vs Vanda!!! OUTSTANDING!! 1 Denar?? This is a bargain! Constant fighting for top position, legs intertwined, rolling while hairpulling, tiny jean shorts riding up to the nether regions of both brawlers, and an unmatched competitive spirit. 10 STARS Fighting Dolls!! Lothar thanks the reviewers here, without your words of wisdom, Lothar may have passed this one up! BRAVO TO MALIA AND VANDA!! Fighting Dolls have once again set themselves apart from the competition!

2023-02-26 09:31:44
Das kleine Wohnzimmer schränkt leider die Bewegungsfreiheit stark ein, so das man hier nicht das volle technische Potenzial von Vanda zu sehen bekommt. Der Kampf ist diesmal komplett Textil. Bei Vanda gefallen mir immer wieder die SGPs, ich genieße es zu sehen wie sie dabei Körperspannung aufbaut um das Gleichgewicht zu halten und sie bekommt dann etwas erotisches in ihrem Gesichtsausdruck. Das funktioniert bei Vanda allerdings nur solange sie mit ihrer Kontrahentin beschäftigt ist. Malia weiß das natürlich und verhindert Vandas SGPs leider immer wieder recht erfolgreich. Mir tut es immer leid wenn sich eine Ringerin verletzt aber Kampfsport ist nun einmal eine sehr harte Sportart und schon dafür verdienen die Girls Respekt.

2023-02-25 18:19:36
catfightfanUK always captures the spirit of the fight. I'd just add it's a brutal fight with one woman almost always on top, but with a score that shows what an epic battle Fighting Dolls has produced.

2023-02-25 13:32:59
When i saw the first four pictures of this match. I sat and thought who could be the win this catfight. A test of strength using legs at the start then a gruelling catfight takes place between two proud girls.
Both girls fight aggressively. One on top then the other as they try to submit the other. One word to describe this catfight Magnificent!