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Lenora | 27

Height: 5'7" (169 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Topless, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Pablo | 20

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Wrestling, Mixed

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Movie Description

Pins and submission. One sided match.

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Lenora vs. Pablo
Lenora vs. Pablo
Lenora vs. Pablo
Lenora vs. Pablo
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2022-07-22 12:12:19
Después de haber derrotado y humillado a Tanima, Lenora tenía más ganas de marcha y mucha agresividad que gastar. Y, ahí estaba Pablo, hombre, no fuerte y hábil contra un mihura o toro desbocado como Lenora. Victima propicia. Y así fue. Un femdom wrestling muy agresivo, con un macho impotente ante la hembra superior. Que no tiene nada de piedad. Hasta Tanima es testigo de la paliza que se ve llegar. Pablo, intenta poner toda la agresividad y orgullo masculino que puede. Pero es inútil. Lenora disfruta con la paliza y humillación. Al final, un Pablo destruifo y Lenora feliz y orgullosa del resultado. Faltó una victory pose con el pie.

2022-07-19 02:42:05
The Hottest mixed wrestling video i have ever seen on FD. I mean Lenora dominated Pablo from the first second till the last one. She did it after beating Tanima like it was a piece of cake. Pablo was not watching he was really trying hard but Lenora came along way since she started at FD. She won with style, dominance, aggressiveness and every aspect. It didn't matter whether Pablo was a guy or a girl she just crushed him. Pablo spent most of the time either between her legs, under her pussy or smothered with her breast. I actually envy pablo hahahahaha. I can talk all day about how good this video is. Love you Lenora and please beat all the guys in similar fashion.

2022-07-16 18:12:42
It's amazing how sexy Lenora remains despite wrestling so hard. This video is about a sexy girl beating and dominating without mercy a guy who does his best to fight back. To me Lenora is becoming perhaps the best mixed wrestler in FD/DWW history, if we are to combine her looks, her style/attitude and her wrestling skills.