5'6" (168 cm)

117 lbs (53 kg)

Fighting styles
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude

Linda's Videos

Mel, Monique vs. Linda, Salma FD1378 | 21:26

This is a tag team fight between Mel and Linda against Monique and Salma. Girls fighting each with each of the both teams.

2811 days ago
Katharina vs. Linda FD1216 | 24:08

Nude semicompetitive wrestling - pins counting to 5 only.

2923 days ago
Linda vs. Sharon FD1155 | 20:43

Submission only topless catfight.

2972 days ago
Mel vs. Linda FD1143 | 13:26

Pins with count to 5 and submition.

2978 days ago
Linda vs. Sharon FD1107 | 17:44
3002 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Linda FD1095 | 23:01
3009 days ago
Isabel vs. Linda FD1090 | 21:21
3015 days ago
Linda vs. Mariella FD1078 | 20:22
3023 days ago
Janette vs. Linda FD1075 | 21:10
3028 days ago
Andy vs. Linda FD1069 | 21:06

Linda is a newcomer, but she is one of the strongest wrestler of FD. Andy is a much heavier and trying to reach first submition on bodyscissors.

3030 days ago
Donna vs. Linda FD1068 | 23:38
3030 days ago
Pamela vs. Linda FD1060 | 19:36
3036 days ago
Denny vs. Linda FD1045 | 23:08

This is a classic wrestling match between two girls which have similar figures black-haired and blonde. They allowed all grips and pins is count themselves girls to 10.

3051 days ago
Linda vs. Sharon FD1040 | 19:44

Linda makes the first submition to Sharon on bodyscissors, but Sharon fights on and between both girls is to feel a lot of tension and rivalry.

3057 days ago
Emanuela vs. Linda FD1037 | 20:28
3058 days ago
Linda vs. Salma FD1028 | 12:27

Salma, Peggy and Linda decide that they will wrestle each with each. All three together have never wrestled. Peggy is the most experienced and Linda is a novice.

3065 days ago
Monique vs. Linda FD1011 | 12:38
3083 days ago
Anni vs. Linda FD0990 | 18:42

Linda is one impressive newcomer. She's had her way with many of our fighters since joining, and been competitive with others.

3093 days ago
Linda vs. Romi FD0989 | 26:57

Perhaps this wasn't intended to be a nude fight. But when Linda began oiling Romi's body, grabbing her sexy ass, she just had to remove her thong.

3097 days ago
Kim-Ly vs. Linda FD0974 | 22:26

Oil fights are always sexy. Linda, a proven newcomer with several wins already, has performed a couple of excellent and highly erotic oil matches. But, in her words, this is her first true oil fight.

3107 days ago
Linda vs. Edita FD0968 | 21:15
3114 days ago
Linda vs. Mel FD0960 | 22:27
3121 days ago
Linda vs. Chiara FD0954 | 20:12
3127 days ago
Emma vs. Linda FD0951 | 21:59

Fighting dolls October Event 2014. Both girls have similar figure and therefore it seems that this will be balanced fight. Linda does breastsmothers, but Emma walk away from this without losing a point.

3128 days ago
Linda vs. Donna FD0943 | 19:40

Linda is a novice and she has no fear from a more experienced Donna. Both girls fighting since the beginning nude Linda has superiority and makes her perfect schoolgirl pin and crossbodypress pin.

3135 days ago
Crystl vs. Linda FD0937 | 21:26
3142 days ago
Susie vs. Linda FD0930 | 23:47

Susie provokes Linda, when both girls dressing up and getting ready for fight. Susie has a fear of Linda, because she heard from the other girls as she is strong. Both determined by rules pinz to submition only.

3149 days ago
Emanuela vs. Linda FD0927 | 18:57
3155 days ago
Anni vs. Linda FD0920 | 18:11

From the beginning, it's very fast fight on pinz to submition, headscissors and bodyscissors. Since the second half are both girls nude. You will see how Linda does well to keep his rival on schoolgirl pin and headscissors.

3162 days ago
Linda vs. Katharina FD0910 | 17:22
3170 days ago
Linda vs. Sharon FD0901 | 19:01

This is the second match for wrestling beginner Linda. Sharon is more experienced, but the fight is totally balanced. The rules are pins only to the submition and headscissors.

3177 days ago
Linda vs. Tanima FD0898 | 20:29
3183 days ago